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Photo Gallery
Bishop Whipple pleads with President Lincoln for mercy on behalf of the Dakota sentenced to be executed in the aftermath of the U.S. Dakota War of 1862.Photo by Jack Madsen
Sarah Wakefield assures her protector, Chaska, that he will be treated justly by U.S. military authorities. Chaska was hanged "by mistake." Photo by Jack Madsen
"...We Cannot Escape History..."   2012 production
"Graveyard Ghouls & the Snatching of President Lincoln's Body" 
January 19, 2013
Photo by Jack Madsen
"Graveyard Ghouls" cast photo taken by Jack Madsen
History Fest, October 2014
L-R: John Fritsche, Bryce Stenzel, David, Joshua and Nathan Clobes at History Fest (McGowan's Farm). 
L-R: David, Joshua and Nathan Clobes at History Fest, 2014.