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Lincoln's Traveling Troupe
​Lincoln’s Traveling Troupe is dedicated to preserving the life and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln through authentic, living-history dramatic portrayal, and historical reenactment. Lincoln himself, loved the theater, and used it on many occasions, as a means of escaping the overwhelming pressures and burdens he faced, while in office. Lincoln’s own conscious life came to an end in a theater setting, in much the same manner as depicted in the Shakespearean tragedies he enjoyed.

Lincoln’s Traveling Troupe is open to anyone interested in theater and/or living-history, with an emphasis placed on recruiting students, ages 6-18. For more information,  click on Opportunities.

Bryce Stenzel, native of Mankato, MN, earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Studies Teaching and Master’s Degree in History from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Stenzel developed his own first-person, living history portrayal of Abraham Lincoln, which he entitled: “Lincoln Lives!” He has spoken to audiences throughout the country, traveling as far away as New Mexico, to share Lincoln’s message of national unity and equality of opportunity for all.

Stenzel is the author of eight books; all of these discuss Lincoln directly or pertain to Lincoln-related subjects. Six of his published works are written in dramatic play form, as a means of inspiring young people to embrace history as the interesting and important subject it is. His founding of “Lincoln’s Traveling Troupe,” in 2008, was a natural extension of his personal goal of passing the torch of historical knowledge to the next generation.